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DVD—Repairing Drywall

DVD—Repairing Drywall
This is the Repairing Drywall and Matching Texture complete DVD and comprehensive repair guide.  This DVD covers drywall repairs and individual patches, including the pumpkin patch, lath strip patch, peel patch, stud patch, electrical box patch, repairing nail holes, repairing corner bead, installing round corner bead, removing popcorn texture, removing wall paper, floating a wall, mixing patch mud, mixing spray mud, spray can texture, repairing popcorn texture, hand trawled texture, orange peel texture, and mounting bracket installation.

Included with this DVD is a FREE 19-section, full-color project guide, including each part and tool you will need while purchasing items at a home improvement store and performing each repair. 86 Mins NTSC.

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