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About Us

This site is owned by New City Studios LLC. The New City name comes from an observation in our home city of San Diego. Ten years ago San Diego was in a desperate recession; it was exemplified by our vacant and dilapidated downtown where people dared not visit. We witnessed first-hand the living transformation that technology brings to people. With the growth of technology and related industries in Southern California, San Diego has undergone an enormous transformation. The once vacant downtown has doubled in resident population. New businesses, homes, and buildings are everywhere, making San Diego a truly New City transformed by the Information Age.

Technology drives change and the efficient utilization of this new technology is core to the building of New City Studios. We believe in finding ways to apply new technology to improve how products are created and services are performed. We have utilized the latest software and equipment to efficiently shoot, edit, and produce our media content for clients and for our mass circulation informative DVDs. Our homeowner series™ is the first of our digital format titles available for purchase on this website. We will release other titles from our homeowner series™ soon, so check back often to see when they become available. Thank you for your support and we hope that you enjoy our products.

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